Your Questions, Answered

Q: What is a "pawn"?
A: A short-term loan made by a Pawnbroker usually secured by merchandise owned by the borrower.

Q: What is the charge for the loan?
A: Knightdale Pawn charges 20% total fees for the loan.

Q: What is the term of the loan?
A: The State of North Carolina mandates that the length of a pawn loan be 30 days.

Q: How long do you hold pawned merchandise?
A: Knightdale pawn holds pawned merchandise for 90 days.

Q: Can I renew or buy more time to redeem my merchandise?
A: Yes, you can renew the term of the loan by paying 20% pawn fee.

Q: Is your merchandise stolen?
A: NO! we make every effort to turn away stolen goods. We also submit our pawn records daily to the local Police Dept. for inspection so that any stolen property can be returned to its rightful owner. Our motto is "If its stolen, then keep on strollin".

Q: How do I know if the jewelry I am buying is a fair deal?
A: We encourage you to have it independently appraised by a GIA certified gemologist. We guarantee a full refund if your purchase does not appraise for more than the purchase price.