See What Our Customers Are Saying

"Was there today, AMAZING personal customer service tailored to the customer.....sounds odd to most, but doing this made me feel kinda special. I'm from a customer service field, I CANNOT handle me, but for the time that was spent, it was worth the travel. Go HERE first!! I usually pawn, but they will NOT screw you, it's like family, thanks" -Tanyon K.

"Had the opportunity to visit this store yesterday. Fantastic staff, friendly and very helpful!!Made a great purchase!!! Something there for everyone!!!" -Bill P.
"I highly recommend this business. I sold a firearm and some gold. The people were very friendly and professional. I think they gave me a fair price for my items. I will definitely do business with them again." -Greg P.

"James and Dustin get it done here. Friendly guys who know about guns and who'll handle your transfers quickly and at a good price. They also have an interesting inventory of firearms and accessories to tempt you. Highly recommended!" -John B.

"James and staff are awesome. Very knowledgeable and make sure to pass that knowledge on and not keep it a secret from the consumer as most places in Wake County. By far the best place to shop for guns and ammo in Wake County." -Craig J.

"Excellent customer service for a pawn shop and they are willing to work with you. Moving into town you a get a really good sense of community feel when you go in. The gun and jewelry collection is really nice but they have the store packed it's hard to look around at everything. I recommend looking in there because you never know what useful things you can find. Completely honest with every item I have looked at and I'm happy with all their purchases there" -Roberto F.